About the Conference

Find out more about this fantastic Surpass Community event which works to improve the assessment experience for everyone.

The Surpass Conference, presented by BTL, is an annual gathering for the members of the innovative Surpass Community.

Delegates attend to learn about the latest features in the market-leading assessment platform, share their knowledge and experience, and help each other make the most of this highly respected assessment authoring and delivery platform.

In addition to working with BTL to shape the roadmap of Surpass, delegates will look at the future of assessment on a global scale, and how our community can promote best practice in assessment. Networking is a fundamental activity at the Surpass Conference, with a range of delegates from directors to candidates engaging in intelligent discussion. Everyone who attends shares something in common, and by working together, the community can significantly improve the assessment experience for everyone.

As Surpass grows globally, so does the conference’s international appeal. This year, we will be welcoming additional members from the USA and Canada, all keen to share with and learn from the strongest assessment community, which benefits from more than £7m worth of technical innovation each year.

Build your business case:

The Surpass Conference is a fantastic place for users to share their experiences and learn from their peers. Regardless of how many years you’ve spent in the industry, there‘s always something new to take away. We appreciate that in many instances a business case must be put forward to senior management for attending a conference. We have put together this template to help you get the go-ahead to join the Surpass Community in Newcastle.

Download the ‘Build your business case’ template.