Speaker FAQs

Thank you for presenting at this year's Surpass Conference. As this is a virtual event for the first time, sessions are being organised a bit differently. We've put together the following FAQs which we hope will help you understand how your sessions will be delivered, along with what to expect. If you have any further questions, please contact events@surpass.com.

I’ve been asked to pre-record my presentation, how will this work?

We’ll be recording all session in a platform called StreamYard. Watch the video below for a quick introduction to StreamYard.

A Surpass team member will contact you to arrange a time for the recording, and send you a meeting request containing a link to StreamYard. During the meeting, the team member will record your presentation, which can then be edited (if required).

If you have any further questions about what is required of your presentation, please email marketing@btl.com.

How long does my presentation need to be?

This will depend on the type of presentation, but specific requirements will be discussed with you prior to recording.

As a rough guide, keynote presentations should last approximately 25 minutes, and Community Stories presentations will be around 13 minutes to allow for a 2 minute live Q&A at the end.

If I’m pre-recording my presentation, do I still need to be there at the time it’s played?

When we contact you to confirm the details of the session, we will also ask you to confirm your availability, as even though some presentations are pre-recorded, we would still like presenters to be available to answer questions.

All presenters should aim to be online at least 10 minutes ahead of the session start time.

I’m leading a user group/special interest group. How will this work?

The breakout sessions will be live discussions with delegates who have signed up for specific topics. Details of the platform that will be used for these sessions will be circulated ahead of the event.

Each breakout session will run twice, to give delegates the opportunity to attend two different sessions. As the host, you’ll be tasked with facilitating and guiding the discussion.

These sessions may be recorded, but will not be shared publicly unless permission is specifically requested.

Do I need any specific equipment for delivering my presentation?

We advise having 2 monitors when presenting, and also wearing earbuds is recommended to prevent audio interference.

Presenters should also ensure that the environment can be seen on camera is clean and tidy, has a good internet connection, and is free of disruption.