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We recommend that you register for the networking sessions ahead of time.

Wednesday 6

5pm BST / 12pm ET

Networking: Meet the teams

Meet representatives from teams at Surpass in our virtual networking space.
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Thursday 7

5pm BST / 12pm ET


Come along to this virtual networking session, and meet other delegates to share ideas and contacts. You’ll also have chance to see the extraordinary magician Darren Delaney.
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How to register for Airmeet and log in

After clicking on the ‘register’ buttons above for each networking session, you will come to a page on Airmeet asking you to register. Click the blue ‘Register for this event’ button.

Fill in your email address, and click ‘Send event link’. An email will be sent to you with a link to register for the event.

You’ll then receive an email with an event link. Click the link in this email.

Fill in your details as shown below, and click ‘Complete registration’.

You can now enter the virtual venue! Click ‘Enter venue’. You can also test your speaker and microphone, before entering.

How to network in Airmeet

When you first enter the Airmeet venue for your session, you’ll see virtual tables laid out on your screen. Click one of the ‘Join’ buttons to join the table of your choice.

If there isn’t an empty seat, you can join a different table and direct message anyone you’d like to speak to.

On a table, you can chat via video, as you usually would on a Teams or Zoom call. Everyone on your table will appear in their own screen within the table.

You can also send written messages on the table chat area, to do this click the chat icon on your table screen, and type a message to the whole group.

To direct message someone, click ‘People’ in the top right of your screen, and search for their name. Then write your message in (as shown below) and send your message using the arrow icon.

To leave a table and join a new one, just click ‘Join’ on another table that has blank seats, and you will automatically leave your table and move to there.